Rural Activities

The love for dance, music and colors is reflected in tamilnadu’s various festivals which are still celebrated with much dedication and devotion as in earlier periods of time. Festivals in Tamil Nadu stand for complete rejuvenation and refreshment. Pongal Festivals in Tamil Nadu and an array of celebrations resplendent with all fervor and excitement not only projects the colorful aspect of this beautiful state but also set an ideal example of splendid culture before the world.

Pongal is mainly a rural festival. It is celebrated on the first day of the Tamil month 'Thai'. This month is considered to be the most auspicious month to start all kinds of activities that brings prosperity and happiness in life. In rural areas, people gather in front of their houses in the streets and cook 'pongal' in clay pots that is mounted over a stove made of stones and wood being the fuel. Other activities that are still a part of the rural areas are Jallikattu, Kuthu Chandai, Silambaattam and Kabaddi.

Jallikattu in tamil nadu is a very energetic and daring festival. It is mainly held in Madhurai, Tiruchirapalli and Tanjore District in Tamil Nadu. In Jallikattu Bull Fight cattle are ornamented with garlands. Their horns are colored to red, pink and other bright colors, and mango leaves are hung round their necks. These fully adorned cattle after full grooming are led about in procession. People herd together for this procession, worship them. However after all the worship, the unarmed villagers very daringly fight with these untamed bulls. In this fight villagers try to wrest the bundle of money tied to the horns of the bulls.

‘Silambattam’, which is based on stick fighting is one of the oldest traditional martial arts of Tamil Nadu, has become increasingly popular with tourists as they take up the art form, learning and mastering its intricate movements and techniques. This form of martial arts are widely seen in the rural areas and is considered as the best technique for self-defence and developing physique.

Kai Kuthu Sandai or Gusthi is a famous martial art of Tamil Nadu. It is very much similar to boxing. The opponents rain blows on each other and attempt to push the other down. Gusthi needs a lot of practice. The skilled fighters can defend themselves with bare hands against any weapon. This martial art form has become an entertainment activity during festivals in the rural areas.

Kabaddi originated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The story of origination of kabaddi begins by hitting and running of a boy for a candy. The boy who was hit chased the boy who hit him, and hit him back and ran away and it goes on this way. Holding the breath while chasing was an added element when the game evolved. There are various names to this game in Tamil: kabaddi, sadugudu, gudugudu, palinjadugudu and sadugoodatthi (Tamil). The word Kabaddi may have originated from the Tamil words kai (hand) and pidi (catch).

Uriyadi (smashing the pot) is a spirited sport connected with some of the festivals of Tamilnadu. The colourfully decorated pot is hung from a tall pole. Enjoy the pleasure of breaking it with a stick as the crowd pulls it up and down. These are some of the most widely hosted activities in rural tamilnadu.

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