Dear friends,

Our Universe has traversed billions of years and our beloved Mother Earth has cradled the human race for several thousand millennia. Isn’t it one of the greatest fortunes ever to have been born a human in this the pearl of the universe?

Nature has gifted man all its splendors of fresh air, bright sunshine, scenic magnificence, wonderful aroma and delightful flora and fauna. The question is- do we savor them to the fullest?

As a hospitality professional for decades I had expended a good part of my life understanding precisely what my guests desired when they indulged in a sojourn. All the while I evolved into delivering those higher expectations. Ultimately in my mind, I conjured a utopia on earth that could offer what could really be the very best for those who reposed their confidence in me.

And I discovered that this utopia lay in the lap of Mother Nature. Thereafter, my life focused itself on creating this new world-with a fierce dedication and single-mindedness of purpose. Together with me came a bunch of likeminded visionaries, who ate, slept, breathed and dreamt the project, and here's the result - Mantra Veppathur™

To merely dub it an ecofriendly resort will understate its value. An experience in spiritual journey is a mere apt description. The idea is far beyond giving you a memeorable holiday. The real objective is to make a powerful statement in favor of aligning oneself with nature for the enhancement of body, mind and soul!

It may not be a mark of humility to claim it as precisely everything we always wanted it to be. Perhaps, it's best that we leave it to you to pass a judgment. You'll need to see it to form your opinions. But first-read about it, and then welcome!

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